How To Get Electrical Connection For Your Home

You have just started construction of your new home in the United Kingdom. You can rest assured that the architect who drafted the blueprint of your home has included the places through which the power lines will run. He has also defined the places for network cable installation. A glance at the blueprint will show that the architect has left some distance between the power cables and the network ones. This is because functioning electric cables emit a magnetic field that may cause disruptions in the network cables! This causes malfunctions such as slow speed network connection or frequent breakdowns in the network supply. You also have to get in touch with a qualified and licensed electrical contractor to carry out the job of installing the power cables in your home. Once completed, he will connect all the cables via the mains to the power supply.

Get in touch with a service provider

You have to get in touch with an electric power company to connect your mains with the supply grid. This requires a lot of planning and paperwork. It is ideal to hand over this tedious job to the contractor who installed the electrical wires in your home. You can select the electrical supply company. However, it is a good idea to check out the different power providers in your city, as many of them offer power at a lower cost per unit. It is worth asking for quotations, as it can help bring down costs. Remember, when asking for quotations ask for both non-contestable and contestable costs. The company that you agree upon will then connect your mains with power supply from the grid. They will also install a meter between the power grid and your mains. The meter tracks the usage of electric supply to your home. The staffs of the electric supply company reads the units of power, usually in kilowatts hour (KWH), every month and hands over the reading to the power supply company. They then calculate the units consumed by your home for a specific number of days and prepare the bill, the amount of which depends on the number of units consumed by the electrical gadgets running in your home.

Save costs by going green

You can save on energy bills by installing a solar power plant in your home. If the solar power plant generates more power than required by the gadgets attached to it, you can pass on the excess power to the grid. This helps you lower the total number of units consumed by the electrical gadgets in your home. The best way to avoid headaches is to get the meter installed at the same time as sorting your connection with the network operator. This helps to avoid delays in the future. You also require network cables to connect the different computers and related gadgets such as printers. You require a certified technician to complete the network cable installation job. You have to provide the technicians the details of where you plan to install your computers and printers.